sunday service

The start time for our Sunday Meetings depends on which group you belong to in the church setting. Our dedicated Volunteer Workforce is usually the first to get to start by 10:00 am. This workers’ meeting, which is mainly building spiritual synergy through prayers, lasts till 10:30 am. Immediately thereafter, our inter-active Sunday school starts, and lasts for 40 minutes.
The main service starts at 10.40 am, the point at which the children and the young people leave for their respective groups. The choir starts off the service leading the congregation in praise and worship songs. This is a participatory session and can be very relaxing and helps to prepare people’s hearts, as well as set the atmosphere ready for the Message/Bible Teaching usually presented by the Pastor or one of the church leaders.
The announcements and a few other routine take us to 12.30 -12.40 pm. Thereafter, the church is dismissed, and people either head to their respective homes, or stay back for scheduled meetings, or stay back to mingle over a cup of tea, coffee, cake, etc. Usually, the Pastor, and other appointed leaders are always at hand to meet with people, pray as may be requested, or answer questions.
Our aim every Sunday is to ensure that we provide a family atmosphere, whatever the ages, where all are able to relate, get to know and support each other, learn and feel accepted as part of God’s family. You are welcome to worship with us one of the Sundays you are free.
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