Ezekiel 47:9-12
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Victorious Women
MISSION: To provide every woman from all walks of life with opportunities to grow spiritually, support each other through the good news of the kingdom of God as directed by the Holy Spirit
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Men’s Fellowship
‘The Glorious Fellowship of Water of Life Sanctuary.’ The group has as its motto ‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord’. Joshua 24:15
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Kids Church
The children's church comprises the age bracket of 2 - 7 year olds tagged 'The Acorns', and those of the age bracket 8 - 10 year olds
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Church Family
Whether you're just having a look, or are searching out for a place to worship, we're delighted you found us
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Youth Church
The youth church at RCCG Water of life Sanctuary is a place where youths get to know God and His ways within a friendly and approachable environment
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Then he said to his disciples, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. (Matt 9:37-38)
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Welcome to WOLS

Our aim every Sunday is to ensure that we provide a family atmosphere, whatever the ages, where all are able to relate, get to know and support each other, learn and feel accepted as part of God’s family. The start time for our Sunday Meetings depends on which group you belong to in the church setting, join one today

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There are various groups available in the Church, feel free to join anyone of them and you will be blessed as you do


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Prayer Wall

Do you have a prayer need, please drop it and our dedicated team will agree with you

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Do you have any questions, concern, like to know how to get involved, need any information,

Pastor's Welcome Message

Welcome to the RCCG – Water of Life Sanctuary (WOLS) Church website. Whether you’re just having a look, or are searching out for a place to worship, we’re delighted you found us.
Our goal is to clearly communicate the message of hope that we have in Jesus Christ. This hope is not found in religion or anything that we can see, but only in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Our Mission is centred on setting up of churches in all nations where each person can develop a thriving relationship with God by increasing their knowledge of Him, knowing plans for the future, both here on earth and in the afterlife
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