Men's Fellowship

The men’s fellowship has been an integral part of the Water of Life Sanctuary since its inception some 17 years ago. Membership is exclusively for all adult male members of the parish with the primary aim of developing members’ spiritually.
Members meet once a month in members’ home just like a home fellowship.
The group is named ‘The Glorious Fellowship of Water of Life Sanctuary.’ The group has as its motto ‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord’. Joshua 24:15
It is envisaged that continuous membership would create in us men, a strong moral standing, equipped with the word of God in dealing with day to day secular issues.
We also expect the group to foster interpersonal relationship amongst members and their families.
We aim to use the group to propagate the word of God to our immediate community and even beyond. The group is also set up to develop members spiritually through the monthly fellowship and other spiritual activities. The Men’s Fellowship also strives to support the vision of the church in all its activities. We also enhance social development of members by taking part in fellow brothers’ personal activities. The group is administered by an elected executive headed by a President. Election is every two (2) years.
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