kids church

The children’s church comprises the age bracket of 2 – 7 year olds tagged ‘The Acorns’, and those of the age bracket 8 – 10 year olds. We strive to provide the most suitable environment to encourage our children to be children every Sunday. The word of God and life morals are communicated in songs, movies, poems, drama, and painting. We also embark on fun adventures outside the church, like picnics in the park, games in the church’s garden, trips to the cinema and occasionally lunch out. Whilst there is always fun and exciting program for all ages and stages in the group, all the activities are designed to focus on one major goal, which is that each of the children encounters, and learns about our amazing God. All members of the team that work with our children are well trained, passionate and vetted with up to date DBS. Our children’s church in Water of Life Sanctuary could best be described as a hub or womb of fun and excitement. It is highly recommended for your children. All are welcomed.
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